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Automated Shuttle Kit SL-ASK-4TC-1A

Complete pre wired kit for automated loco or trolley 4 station operation up to 24 feet in length with supplied wiring - just add track and a loco

Kit contents:

  • 1 each Massoth 8155001 Multi Function Module programed for shuttle with timed stops = LGB 55063
  • 4 each Shourt Line SL-TC-17100 Track Contacts
  • LGB 120VAC Power Supply
  • LGB 8.833030.13 1 Amp Throttle
  • SL-LM-17010 Loco Magnet
  • LGB 50160 Track Power Quick Connectors for easy setup
  • Pre-wired for 24 Foot Automated Shuttle with 4 timed station stop

New from dealer

Just place the 4 track contacts under your track at station stops, place loco with loco magnet (provided) on the track, turn on power and enjoy your automated shuttle operation as you loco stops at each station and continues. The loco automatically reverses at each end station.

Schematic of pre-wired kit:

Applicaton Note - Schematic for Shuttle Automation with Timed Stops

No wiring required - all components shown above are prewired adn ready to operate - just place contacts under your track and attach track clips & run

Kit Set up instructions:

  1. Kit has Multi Function Module CV values already set to the following:
    1. CV 2 = n (where n= 0 to 255 seconds delay at each stop) Kit default = 10 seconds
    2. CV5 = 244 (module a = 4 [timed stop] + module b = 240 [reversing mode] ) Kit default = 244
  2. Place the two 12 foot track contacts at the ends of your track up to 24 feet
  3. Place the two 4 foot track contracts at stations between the ends of the track up to 4 feet
  4. Place a loco with loco magnet (use provided loco magnet if needed) in the center of track (track must be isolated form other tracks)
  5. Turn on power and adjust to the desired speed.
  6. Enjoy your automated shuttle with timed stops - loco will run between the two end stations (track
    contacts) and stop at all stations (track contacts for the programmed number of seconds.

You can add additional station stops if desired, by connecting additional Shourt Line track contacts as shown in schematic above.

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Kit Component Details:

  • 1 each Massoth 8155001 DiMAX Multi Function Module (Breaking Module) LGB 55063

Module is pre-wired and ready to operatate as shown in the schematic above


The MTS Braking Module can be used in many applications. Together with the Massoth 1203B Booster or LGB 55090 MTS Power Extender, you can create various stop and slow speed blocks. Integrated timer and relay functions can control time-delayed functions and polarity reversals, for example, for reversing loops - even with analog operation.

When operating with the LGB Multi-Train System, the sound and lights are on even when the train is stopped, and you can trigger sound functions (on locos with sound functions). The MTS Braking Module incorporates two independent modules (“a” and “b”). Each module can be used in a different operating mode.

The DiMAX Multi Function Module makes your train slow down and stop in front of a stop signal like a real train!

When the signal changes to "go" the train will accelerate and depart smoothly.
You can install slow speed sections, make your train stop at a station and make it leave again after a predetermined time.

The DiMAX Multi Function Module offers 12 different functions for analog and digital operation:

The analog mode functions are:

  • timer controlled stop
  • reversing loop
  • shuttle operation

The digital mode functions are:

  • Stopping at programmed stop command
  • Optional stopping or no stopping when passing in the opposite direction
  • Stopping triggered by a stop signal
  • Stopping triggered by a signal and no stop in the opposite direction
  • Reduced speed section
  • Digital reversing loop
  • Powerless holding track
  • Block signal operation with stopping or reduced speed section with stopping

All functions may be used independently or in combination.

The DiMAX Multi Function Module is actually two independent circuits in one module. Functions can be used independently on different sections of track, including mixing DC and MTS/DCC power sources or you can combine functions such as timed stop and shuttle operation to create an automated multi-station trolley system (see example below).

Stop functions:

Stop function under MTS or DCC power:

The DiMAX Multi Function Module can be used with all NMRA compatible systems. The stopping feature for MTS or DCC power is only available with an additional booster supporting the stopping function, e.g. LGB® 55090 or DiMAX 1203B. The function triggering in a stopping section is patented by Massoth Electronics and only available with Massoth Electronics or LGB® boosters.

Stop function under DC (analog) power:

The stopping feature for DC (analog) power requires only a track contact to detect a loco with a loco magnet. The stop time is set via CV value from 0 to 4 minutes 15 seconds. A optional LGB signal can be added to set when trains stop. This feature is useful to provide automated train station stops.


Mfg: Massoth Electronics, Germany

Multi Function Module is pre-wired to power supply, throttle, diodes and track contacts:

Automated Shuttle Kit SL-ASK-4TC-1A power supply throttle wired to function modlule
Track contacts not shown above for clarity

Automated Shuttle Kit SL-ASK-4TC-1A power supply throttle wired to function modlule
Module is pre-wireed with jumpers, diodes (shown above), power supply, throttle and track contacts (track contacts not shown above for clarity)

  • 2 each SL-TC-17100-nt-12 Track Contact 12 foot wire length pre wired
  • 2 each SL-TC-17100-nt-4 Track Contact 4 foot wire length pre wired

    Functionally identical to LGB 1700 and LGB 17100. Specify length when ordering in feet. Use with LGB and Massoth Feedback modules, EPL motors or Shourt Line SL-24V-2SW-Ctrl Dual Latching Relay Controllers. Automate your railroad with these track contacts that activate by loco magnets and control your switches and signals.

    Replacement for and functionally identical to LGB 1700 & LGB 17100 Track Contacts (no longer available)

    SL-TC-17100-nt-xx Track Contact
    This version of the track contact comes with two diodes for EPL and logic hook-ups. The length is specified in feet (2 feet shown above) and does not have a terminal block (available as a separate item) - nickel shown for size not included with item.


    • Input voltage 12 to 18 Volts AC, 24 Volts DCC or MTS
    • 1.5 amp output for controlling LGB switch or signals motors EPL or old 3 terminal style motors
    • Waterproof sensor - Triple sealed glass, 600 deg. high temp Silicone and Brass
    • Indoor or Outdoor use
    • PVC covered 22AWG wire pair covered with PVC jacket for indoor or outdoor use (can be buried)
    • User specified cable length up to 99 feet
    • No terminal block for direct connection to EPL switch motors, feedback and switch decoder modules
    • Stress relieved cable between the sensor and cable - allows out of sight installation
    • High sensitivity - operates up to 1 inch from loco magnets - place inside your railroad tie
    • 400 volt components for long life
    • 600 degree high temperature silicon used for safe high temperature outdoor installations
    • Invisible sensor - fits under your railroad tie or on the side of a tie
    • Easy install - no soldering required (use of diodes may require optional terminal block or soldering)
    • Includes two diodes for EPL polarity when AC power is used
    • Safe for continuous use (loco parked over track contact switch)


    Mfg: Made in the USA by the Shourt Line - Soft Works Ltd.

    Input Voltage: 24V Max AC, DC, DCC or MTS (Shourt Line SL-PS-16AC40 16 VAC 40 Watt Transformer recommended)

    Output Current: 1.5 amps maximum

    Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature: 200 degrees Fahrenheit ( 93 Celsius)

    Weight: depends on cable length

    Dimensions: 1.2" X 3/16" max. diameter sensor connected to user specified cable length

    How to use:

    SL-TC-17100 Track Contact is easy to use.

    1. Place sensor inside or on the side of a track tie on a straight or curved section of track using the supplied double stick outdoor adhesive and/or silicon in place. (This version does not come with a terminal strip which is optional).

      SL-TC-17100-nt-xx Track Contact mounted inside track - bottom view

    2. Turn the track over and connect to your layout.
      SL-TC-17100-nt-xx Track Contact inside track tie - top view


  • 1 each SL-LM-17010 Loco magnet 1 ea. with attached 3M adhesive pad

Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets - Water Proof - Low Profile

Compatible to the LGB 17010 magnet

Small size and superior strength fits on locos where the LGB 17010 and Massoth 8420102 magnets do not.

Compatible with our SL-TC-1705 track contacts as well as LGB's 1700 & 17100 track contacts .

SL-LM-17010 loco magnet in hand step 1

These powerful rarer earth magnets will trigger track contacts up to 1 inch from their surface. Like the original LGB magnets, they are polarized so that one of the sides is North while the other is South. This is the reason that other magnets do not work with track contacts.

Each magnet contains a north and south rare earth magnet (under the raised areas at each end) with a metal back plate to increase the field strength and the whole assembly is sealed in plastic making it water proof.

Each magnet has a 3M outdoor adhesive pad on its back for easy attachment to any desired surface.

No tools are required to install.


  • Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets for superior performance
  • Dimensions: 35.7L x 14.4W x 4.6 H mm (1.4"x.57"x.18") Height with 3M pad is 5.8 mm (.22")
  • Works with LGB, Aristo Craft, Bachman, USA and other manufacturer's locomotives
  • 2 each Loco magnets
  • 2 each 3M adhesive strips for attaching magnets to locos

Easy to install: takes less than 3 minutes

  1. Each SL-TC-AF1 comes with 1 SL-LM-17010 Loco Magnet. This will fit on the bottom of any G scale Loco or car.
    SL-LM-17010 loco magnet in hand step 1

  2. On the flat side of the SL-LM-17010 Loco Magnet there is an adhesive pad with red protective cover.
    SL-LM-17010 Loco Magnet Adhesive Pad step 2

  3. Peel the red backing off the adhesive pad as shown.
    SL-LM-17010 Loco Magnet peel off red protective cover from the adhesive step 3

  4. Press the SL-TM-1705 magnet to the desired track tie. Reposition easily if you change your mind by lifting the magnet off the tie and relocate. If you want this loco magnet to work with standard track contacts place on the center line of the loco otherwise place off center and do the same with the track contact by placing under the track in the same off center position. The length of the magnet must be parallel to placement of the track contact.
    Press the SL-TM-1705 magnet to the desired location on loco or car step 4
    Note that this loco magnet fits in locations and on locos where the LGB and Massoth magnets do not fit as shown above. The magnet is stronger so that its placement can be located a greater distance from your track contacts which allows flexible placement.

1 each LGB DC power pack and LGB throttle

Pre wired and ready to run - just plug into an AC wall outlet

Automated Shuttle Kit SL-ASK-4TC-1A power supply throttle wired to function modlule
AC to DC LGB power suppy and LGB throttle shown prewired to Massoth (LGB 55063) Multi Function Module (track contacts not shown above for clarity but are connected in kit and ready to operate)


Shuttle Kit Operating instructions:

Adjust the speed of the loco with the LGB throttle. A slow speed is best for prototypical shuttle operations.

If the loco does not reverse at the end stations simple change the direction of the loco on the throttle and leave in this position.

You can reliability unplug the LGB power supply to turn off the shuttle and plug back in when you want to resume operation. This is possible as the Massoth multi function module contains two latching relays that 'remember' the direction of the train when power is removed and continue where they were stopped when power is restored.

Please contact the Shourt Line for instructions on how to switch to DCC power if desired. DCC power has the advantage of keeping the lights on your loco or tram even when stopped and also provides acceleration and deceleration options. All the above equipment can be used for DCC operation with the exception of the LGB throttle.

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