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Massoth 8155001 DiMAX Multi Function Module (Breaking Module) LGB 55063

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Provides two independent multi-function circuits per module

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The MTS Braking Module can be used in many applications. Together with the Massoth 1203B Booster or LGB 55090 MTS Power Extender, you can create various stop and slow speed blocks. Integrated timer and relay functions can control time-delayed functions and polarity reversals, for example, for reversing loops - even with analog operation.

When operating with the LGB Multi-Train System, the sound and lights are on even when the train is stopped, and you can trigger sound functions (on locos with sound functions). The MTS Braking Module incorporates two independent modules (a and b). Each module can be used in a different operating mode.

The DiMAX Multi Function Module makes your train slow down and stop in front of a stop signal like a real train!

When the signal changes to "go" the train will accelerate and depart smoothly.
You can install slow speed sections, make your train stop at a station and make it leave again after a predetermined time.

The DiMAX Multi Function Module offers 12 different functions for analog and digital operation:

The analog mode functions are:

  • timer controlled stop
  • reversing loop
  • shuttle operation

The digital mode functions are:

  • Stopping at programmed stop command
  • Optional stopping or no stopping when passing in the opposite direction
  • Stopping triggered by a stop signal
  • Stopping triggered by a signal and no stop in the opposite direction
  • Reduced speed section
  • Digital reversing loop
  • Powerless holding track
  • Block signal operation with stopping or reduced speed section with stopping

All functions may be used independently or in combination.

The DiMAX Multi Function Module is actually two independent circuits in one module. Functions can be used independently on different sections of track, including mixing DC and MTS/DCC power sources or you can combine functions such as timed stop and shuttle operation to create an automated multi-station trolley system (see example below).

Stop functions:

Stop function under MTS or DCC power:

The DiMAX Multi Function Module can be used with all NMRA compatible systems. The stopping feature for MTS or DCC power is only available with an additional booster supporting the stopping function, e.g. LGB® 55090 or DiMAX 1203B. The function triggering in a stopping section is patented by Massoth Electronics and only available with Massoth Electronics or LGB® boosters.

Stop function under DC (analog) power:

The stopping feature for DC (analog) power requires only a track contact to detect a loco with a loco magnet. The stop time is set via CV value from 0 to 4 minutes 15 seconds. A optional LGB signal can be added to set when trains stop. This feature is useful to provide automated train station stops.

Application Note:

Analog (Non-DCC) Shuttle Operation with timed stops at multiple stations:

Please note that the diagrams shown in the LGB user manual are incorrect and have been updated by Massoth and can be found below.

Also note the the example in the LGB user manual only works when locos are running on at least 10 volts DC and this is too fast for shuttle operations.

This application note has corrected this problem allowing locos to run at any voltage for prototypical shuttle operations and in addition provides for stopping at the end points as well as any number of intermediate points. This allows you to have any may stations as you desire and the loco will stop at all for the selected delay and reverse at the end points as well.

Required Equipment:

  • 1 ea. Massoth 8155001 DiMAX Multi Function Module (LGB 55063 Breaking Module)
  • 2 ea. or more Shourt Line SL-TC-17100 Track Contacts
  • 1 ea. Power source such as the Shourt Line SL-PS200-1-27 (18 to 24 volts)
  • 1 ea. Throttle such as the Shourt Line SL-TLC12F 12.5 Amp Linear Throttle + on demand fan
  • 2 ea. Diodes available at the Shourt Line (1 amp at 100V)
  • Hook-up wire


  1. Set the Multi-Function CV values to the following:
    1. CV 2 = n (where n= 0 to 255 seconds delay at each stop)
    2. CV5 = 244 (module a = 4 [timed stop] + module b = 240 [reversing mode] )
  2. Follow schematic below to wire components using any number of track contacts between the two end contacts which are required
  3. Place loco with loco magnet attached in center of track (track must be isolated form other tracks)
  4. Turn on power and adjust to the desired speed.
  5. Enjoy your automated shuttle with timed stops - loco will run between the two end stations (track
    contacts) and stop at all stations (track contacts for the programmed number of seconds.


Applicaton Note - Schematic for Shuttle Automation with Timed Stops

Click here to view or download schematic in PDF format

DCC Shuttle Operation is also possible with timed stops - Contact for information.

User Manual:

Click here for LGB User Manual with updates by Massoth Electronics


Mfg: Massoth Electronics, Germany


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