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Massoth 8211100 eMOTION LS Small Narrow Gauge Steam Loco Sound Decoder NIB

Easily change the type of Loco Sounds with LGB Factory Sound Files

Free downloads for LGB Factory sound files for steam, electric and diesel locos

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LS steam decoder
Decoder includes instructions, pre wired decoder board with track and motor leads, front, rear and interior light cable (four wire)and smoke and accessory (F1 & F2) cable (three wire).


  • Miniature Decoder with synchronized sound, motor and function control
  • Mini-size that is identical to the LGB 55021 (small non-sound decoder)
  • Dimensions: 53,5 x 25 x 15 mm
  • 1.5 Amp motor output
  • 100% compatible with LGB type II, III and supports the NMRA DCC Protocol in its entirety
  • Features the same optimum driving characteristics in digital and analog mode as the eMOTION XLS
  • 6 function outputs
  • 6 audio channels for user downloaded sounds
  • Sound functions are available starting at a very low voltage
  • Optional Break-On-DC (brake function with DC)
  • Integrated Susi Interface

Sound System

  • Reproduces the original sound of a locomotive in digital HiFi quality
  • A memory capacity of up to 145 sec
  • The humongous memory capacity facilitates various extra sounds.
  • The volume of the 4 basic sounds may be adjusted separately:
    • Rev-up phase
    • Standing sounds
    • Shut-down sequence
    • Driving sounds

Available Free LGB Factory Sound File downloads for the LS Decoder -

Easily change the LS decoder for any of the following LGB locos:

8221066 VT133 Anteater / Railbus 31.10.2008 Download
0.96 MB
Dimax Update Software 09.08.2008 Download
Also for updates of eMOTION products 0.1 MB
Firmware LS 2.1 24.07.2008 Download
NOTE: After installing this firmware, the sound needs to be installed again! 0.07 MB
req. Version: 2.0 || est. updatetime: 2 min.
8211025 US Steam Loco Forney/Columbus 31.10.2008 Download
2.02 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 44 min.
8211071 Model range U 31.10.2008 Download
1.69 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 37 min.
8211074 1C 99-5633 Spreewald 31.10.2008 Download
1.73 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 38 min.
8211100 Steam Loco Universal (Type: Stainz) 15.07.2008 Download
1.98 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 43 min.
8221090 Köf Switching Diesel 31.10.2008 Download
0.75 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 17 min.
8221091 Light railway Diesel Loco 01.10.2008 Download
0.95 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 21 min.
8221100 Small Diesel Loco (Köf) 27.08.2008 Download
0.75 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 17 min.
8231035 Streetcar (historical standard Darmstadt) 31.10.2008 Download
0.81 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 18 min.
8231100 Small Electric Loco (Streetcar) 27.08.2008 Download
0.81 MB
req. Version: 2.1 || est. updatetime: 18 min.

User Manual

Click here to view or download the user manual


Decoder comes with all required cables for motor, front, rear & interior lights, smoke and one other function
LS Decoder medium view

Decoder board provides sockets for easy wiring
LS decoder cu front

Motor and track wires are terminated in crimp on connectors for easy connection
LS decoder back

These decoders are prefect for small 4 wheel locos!

LS decoders come in Small Steam loco narrow gauge, Small Diesel Loco (Köf) and Small Electric Loco (Streetcar) versions.
LS boxes

Made in Germany by Massoth - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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