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Massoth 8314102 Abrasive Rings

Replacement Track Cleaning Wheels for LGB 20670 & LGB 2067

Replacement pads for LGB part No. 67267 - replacement pads (no longer available)

Easy to install in under 5 minutes and your LGB 20670 will clean Better than new!

Massoth 8314102 Abrasive Rings for track cleaning LGB Loco 20670

Shourt Line Direct Discount Price: $27.00 New


  • Install in under 5 minutes
  • Made in Germany by Massoth Electronics - the maker of LGB Electronics
  • Restore your cleaning engine to BETTER than new
  • Easy Instructions for installation shown below and on-line for future reference

Installation Instructions:

Step 1:
Place your LGB 2067 or LGB 20670 track cleaning engine on a clean surface.

Throttle in top configuration
Step 2: Place your LGB 2067 or LGB 20670 track cleaning engine on its side and remove the two screws shown above. (notice old cleaning wheels supplied with LGB track cleaning loco)

Step 3:
Remove retaining bar and screws shown above and remove motor block by pushing to rear of loco until the two pins on the front top of the motor block are clear of the loco.

Step 4: Remove screw holding retaining disk on axle and remove old cleaning pad and discard.

Step 5: Place new cleaning wheel on wheel flange.

Maximum Voltage Adjustment
Step 6:
Replace wheel on wheel flange and secure with screw. Repeat steps 4 to 6 to replace old pad on the other side of the motor block..

Throttle and Track Clips
Step 7: Replace motor block back in loco by moving to rear until the pins on the front top of the motor block are held inside the loco and replace the retaining bar with the two screws removed in step 1.

Done! This is how you new cleaning pads look when you finish.

Setup with track and train

Place on track and notice that you track cleaning loco works better than new!

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