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G Scale eMOTION S Sound Board & Decoder 3 Watt Digital Sound + 3 dimmable function outputs

PLUG and PLAY - Easy Install works on Analog or DCC/MTS power!

New Massoth Product

Steam Locos - 8212100 General steam locomotive
Diesel locos - 8222100 General Diesel locomotive
Electric locos - 8232100 General electric locomotive

New and Unused In original package from the #1 Massoth Dealer in the USA

Made in Germany by Massoth Elektronik GMBH.

Order with any Massoth loco sound

eMOTION S Decoder

Shourt Line Direct Discount Price: $197.95 New Item

Specify the sound type from the XLS Massoth sound library (click here to view available sounds and click on any speaker to hear sample sounds) or specify the LGB model number when ordering for authentic LGB sound loco and trolley sounds!

If you need a speaker just tell us the LGB model number (click here to view all Massoth speakers or contact us s for special sizes) or order with a speaker with enclosure for car mounting, volume controls, power buffers and reed switch options are available as well.

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eMOTION S Sound Decoder
Universally applicable sound decoder for analog and digital operation; equipped with a SUSI interface and a 3 Watt output stage.

eMOTION S The tiny sound decoder.
The eMOTION S sound decoder has the same sound features as the XLS sound decoder.

All sound features are available at the lowest voltages possible. A stabilized analog operation is guaranteed at 5Volts.

The eMOTION S supports the full NMRA protocol. The eMOTION S features an automatic detection of LGB® MTS signals which makes this sound decoder ideal for all generations of the LGB® MTS system. The bus interface may be used with Massoth/LGB® OnBoard or SUSI protocol. Fits into all G-Scale locomotives like Bachmann, USA-Trains, Aristocraft, Accucraft, KISS

AUTHENTIC SOUND in digital quality

The eMOTION S sound decoder produces authentic locomotive sounds in digital high-level quality. Massoth uses only sound recordings of original locomotives adjusted to the sound decoder's technology. The eMOTION S may hold more than 2 minutes of sound. This enormous capacity is sufficient for a variety of additional high-quality sounds. The sound decoder features a 3-Watt high-performance output stage. The volumes of all 16 sounds may be adjusted separately.
Massoth utilizes top-of-the-shelve technology paired with state-of-the-art processing ensuring reprogramming via the programming track. This guarantees that all decoders may be updated at any given time as well as for all new decoder generations to come.
Note: A sound upgrade or firmware update may only be done with our PC-Module (8175001)!

Summary of features:

  • Digital sound module16 kHz sound processing Capacity of sound memory + 2 minutes Analog and digital operation, SUSI interface, LGB® OnBoard Analog operation starting with 5 Volts3 Watts output User-friendly terminals to connect
       external volume control and
       pulse generator Additional terminals for
       power buffer
       2 function outputs
       2 contact inputs Wide range of sounds available
  • Updatable via PC-module
  • Measurements: 35 x 20 x 12 mm (plus 2x 5mm extensions which may be cut off)

Special features for Mallet, Rack and Dual Power Locos:

  • Manual selection/activation using F Function Key control: Function key for steam rack rail loco and dual power locos (since version 2.5) use CV 170 to define function key which activates the rack noise on a steam rack rail engine or switches the sound from electric to Diesel on a dual power loco.
  • Automatic Synchronization using 2 separate wheel sensor inputs: The S Decoder, like the XLS, has 2 separate wheel sensor inputs for synchronizing the the chuffs to wheel rotation of locos with two pairs of steam pistons like on Mallets and Rack Locos. This provides automatic synchronization so a rack loco cadence changes with the speed of the rack steam pistons and Mallet double motor blocks.


The eMOTION S comes with an attached power cable and the SUSI interface cable.
In case your locomotive does not provide a loudspeaker you may choose one from our wide range of loudspeakers.
Here you can find the list of loudspeakers of each loco.

Any Loco sounds from the Massoth sound library can be installed with the Massoth PC-Module.

Click here for User Manual: 1

Order with any Massoth sound in the library below

The Background music in MP3-Demo Sounds are not present in sound modules Reference the XLS item number below when ordering the S decoder
Item No. Delivery status MP3-DEMO
Steam locos  
8210014 New Item (Delivery date on product description) Industrial field steam loco30
8210019 Item available (in Germany) US Steam loco 2-6-0 Mogul 23
8210021 New Item (Delivery date on product description) Stainz29
8210025 Item available (in Germany) US Steam loco Forney/Columbus 22
8210026 Item available (in Germany) HF 110 Rail tender loco Frank-S 21
8210027 Item available (in Germany) G 3/4 RhB Heidi 20
8210047 Item available (in Germany) Cog wheel steam loco 19
8210071 Item available (in Germany) Model range U 18
8210074 Item available (in Germany) 1C 99-5633 Spreewald 17
8210080 Item available (in Germany) 1C1 99-6001 HSB 16
8210081 Item available (in Germany) 1E1 99-222 HSB 15
8210084 Item available (in Germany) BB Saxonian IV/K 14
8210085 Item available (in Germany) DR-Mallet C'C  13
8210087 Item available (in Germany) Mikado steam loco 12
8210088 Item available (in Germany) Uintah steam loco28 11
8210100 Item available (in Germany) Small steam loco narrow gauge z
8210110 Item available (in Germany) HSB 99 5901 Mallett y
8210120 Item available (in Germany) HSB Fiffi + Pfiffi27 x
8210200 Item available (in Germany) G 4/5 RhB Steam Loco w
8210300 Item available (in Germany) Shay v
8210500 Item available (in Germany) BR 01 / 03 / 012  u
8210510 Item available (in Germany) BR 80 t
8210800 Item available (in Germany) Rügen D-coupler s
Diesel locos  
8220041 Item available (in Germany) RhB Traktor26 r
8220049 Item available (in Germany) AMD 103 Genesis (US Diesel Loco) q
8220051 Item available (in Germany) V51 / V52 Diesel loco p
8220055 Item available (in Germany) US Diesel loco ALCO DL535E o
8220057 Item available (in Germany) US Diesel loco F7A/B n
8220059 New Item, shortly available HF 110 Diesel loco25
8220066 Item available (in Germany) VT133 Anteater / Railbus m
8220090 Item available (in Germany) Köf Switching Diesel l
8220091 Item available (in Germany) Light railway Diesel Loco k
8220093 Neuheit, in Kürze lieferbar DB Köf II / HSB Kö 19924 j
8220096 Item available (in Germany) ÖBB Diesel loco 2095 i
8220500 Item available (in Germany) BoBo Universal Big Diesel (V200) h
8220510 Item available (in Germany) BR 218 DB Diesel loco V160 g
8220520 Item available (in Germany) Railbus VT98 f
8220530 Item available (in Germany) V60 e
8220550 Item available (in Germany) V100 (BR 199) Harzkamel / BR 204 d
Electric locos  
8230031 Item available (in Germany) DB BR 101 c
8230035 Item available (in Germany) Streetcar (historical standard Darmstadt)  b
8230038 Item available (in Germany) New Orleans Street Car a
8230039 Item available (in Germany) RhB Railcar 9
8230040 Item available (in Germany) Ge 6/6 I RhB (crocodile) 8
8230042 Item available (in Germany) Ge 4/4 III RhB (incl. 100 Year Albula jubilee sound) 7
8230043 Item available (in Germany) Ge 4/4 II RhB 6
8230045 Item available (in Germany) Ge 2/4 RhB 5
8230200 Item available (in Germany) Ge 6/6 II RhB 4
8230210 Item available (in Germany) Ge 4/4 I RhB 3
8230220 New Item (Delivery date on product description) GeM 4/4 RhB
8230510 Item available (in Germany) BR 182 Taurus 2
8230520 Item available (in Germany) Inter City Express (ICE III) 1

new Sounds coming soon click here for available sounds at

Easy Install - Connect to power and a speaker::

eMOTION S Decoder
DC - Analog power without a motor decoder: Connect white and brown wires to track power (Most LGB locomotives have power pins that make installation plug and play).

DCC - Power with an LGB, Massoth, or any type of motor decoder: Connect white and brown wires to track power pins (LGB decoder shown above).

DCC - Power with a Massoth XLS decoder: The eMOTION S decoder may use the SUSI bus to receive driving data (including speed steps) and power via the SUSI bus interface. The SUSI bus may be activated with CV 49 – Bit4 = 1 (see manual for details).

S decoder top view
Plug a Massoth or Shourt Line speaker into the speaker jack

Run your loco and enjoy you HiFi digital sound!

Optional hook-up for axle synchronization:

S Decoder with Hall Effect Sensor
Use a Massoth or Shourt Line hall effect switch for axle synchronized sound (SUSI interface shown above)

Use a Shourt Line reed switch/magnet/cable set for pulse generated axle synchronized sound using the Back side solder pads for GND., Clock 1, & Clock 2.

Optional hook-up for bell and whistle/horn activation via track magnets:

Use a Shourt Line universal reed switch or Massoth reed PC broad for triggering bell and Whistle/Horn from track Magnets by connecting reed switches to solder pads for GND., K1, & K2.

SL-RdSW-2 Universal 2 Reed Switch Trigger Part No.: 4116100
SL-RdSW-2-nc: Please and stick on the any loco or car with the new S decoder - Order Shourt Line Part No.: 4116110 for the SL-RDSW-2-bw which has 18 inch wire bare connector for flexible routing of wires to the S decoder.

SL-RdSW-2 Universal 2 Reed Switch Trigger Part No.: 4116100
Easy to install: Just peal off the red backing and apply to the bottom of your loco or car. The 3M adhesive pad attached to the case designed for indoor or outdoor use. (Shown above is the Shourt Line Universal reed switch No.: 4116100 for LS and XLS Massoth decoders that require a micro plug connection.)

Top side connector socket functions:

S Decoder Top View Conectors

Bottom side solder pad connector functions:

Optional S Decoder Shourt Line DC two wire Gold Cap Power Buffer: $34.95 New Item

Designed for use with the S Decoder running on DC (analog) power, it provides up to 60 seconds of sound power when a loco stops or when track voltage drops below 5 volts. This allows the standing sounds to continue without track power and provides power for loco sounds when your loco begins to move and there insufficient track voltage for S decoder to generate sounds without a buffer. This low cost 10 farad Gold Cap Buffer features and easy two wire installation by connecting to the +22V and GND pads shown above. It's small size and fits easliy in even small locos. Contact the Shourt Line for details.


4 3

Click here for user manual and larger photos

Made in Germany by Massoth - 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Questions? eMail by clicking here

Thanks for looking - Shourt Line by Soft Works Ltd

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