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SL-PS800-3-280 & Two TLC1cv SET With coax power connectors

Price: $899.95 New


Includes one SL-PS800-3-28 24V 32.5A power supply with all connectors, two SL-TLC1cv 6A throttles and two 2.1 mm in-line coax jacks for connecting the power supply output connectors to the two throttles.

This set will easily run 8 -16 trains with interior lighting. The power supply is regulated and outputs 24 volts at 32.5 amps with very smooth throttle response. Set-up is very easy as the power supply coax power cable plugs directly into the throttle. Users typically use the two 6.25 Amp outpus of the SL-PS800-3-28 to power the two SL-TLC1 throttles. The 20 Amp output may be used for DCC or DC train power.

Set Includes:

  • One SL-PS800-3-28 24 Volt 32.5 Amp 800-1000 Watt regulated power supply
  • Two SL-TLC1cv 24 Volt 6 Amp throttles
  • Two 2.1 mm coax in-line plugs for connecting the power supply to the throttles

SL-P800-3-28: SL-PS800-3-28 regulated switching power supply outputs 24 volts at 32.5 amps and includes all connectors. Click here to view the power supply details and cable options and click here to view detailed instructions on how to build your own cables.

SL-TLC1: The SL-TLC1cv Throttle has a 2.1 mm jack for connecting to the inline jacks of the SL-PS800-3-28 power supply. Cooling is provided by a voltage regulated, bushless fan for reliable operation. The throttle employs a 15 amp output stage but is conservatively rated at 6 amps continuous output. This unit is both a table-top and a hand held throttle.

The throttle features a large forward/reverse switch and a quick response throttle. An exclusive emergency stop feature turns off all power output by simply pushing down on the throttle. Pulling the throttle out restores power.

Easy Hookup - Just add wire to hookup AC Input and DC Outputs to the supplied 2.1mm coax in-line plugs for easy connection to the throttles power input socket. Click here to view the instructions and hookup diagram in pdf format.

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