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SL-Massoth-DiMAX Receiver US

MTS/DCC Receiver for digital control of trains in the US

SL Discount Price: $176.34 MSRP $189.00

DiMAX Navigator Wirless Controller US $159.00 Summer Sale ends Aug. 31, 2011


DiMAX Receiver for DiMAX and MTS III

The DiMAX Receiver enables you to operate the DiMAX Navigator with a DiMAX central station or a LGB MTS III central station. The DiMAX Multi Receiver facilitates the operation of a maximum of 8 Navigators at the same time. The receiver is connected to the XpressNet and the LocoNet via 2 plugs. The additional Massoth plug may be used for cable operation or for charging the batteries of the Navigator.

Charging power is provided by the digital bus. A range of approximately 300 ft facilitates a safe operation at all times. 4 frequencies are available to ensure an operation without interferences by other devices. An activity LED reports the current operating status of the receiver at all times.

The DiMAX Multi Receiver is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. You may update your receiver to the latest firmware at all times. The data transfer during updating is accomplished between the central station and your PC.

Massoth Item No.: 8132001 DiMAX RC Receiver US

The Receiver includes:

  • US frequency Receiver with Status light
  • 20' bus cord for connecting to central station
  • Antenna for US frequency standard
  • Instructions
  • Factory box to hold all items

For fastest delivery we stock all Massoth products that we import from Massoth Germany and ship direct to you - factory sealed

Massoth - DiMAX 800Z 8 amp MTS/DCC central station, Navigator Wireless Bidirectional Throttle, DiMAX RC Receiver.

Set up is super easy, just plug in the power supply, connect the supplied 20' cable between the DiMAX and the receiver, hook up your track, put 3 AA batteries (you can recharge them in the throttle) and you are running. Our power supply is adjustable so your won't melt your 18 volt smoke stacks or coach lamps, you don't need as meter as the DiMAX shows your the voltage of the power supply as well as the amperage going to the track. The DiMAX remembers all your loco pictures, names, addressed, that throttle is assigned to what loco and all the switch track routes on your railroad. NO PROGRAMMING is required to run your trains!

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