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12 amp Digital Booster

MTS/DCC LGB NMRA compatible booster

DiMAX 1203 B

Powerful 12 Amp booster with 3 separate outputs.

The DiMAX 1203 B is a 12 Amp digital booster featuring three single power units, 4 Amps each. It also comes with an integrated breaking module function and reversing loop function. Each of the independent outputs may be combined to provide 8 or 12 amps of power.

The new intelligent rectifier for voltage regulation features minimized heat generation, maximizes output power and is highly efficient. The output voltage can be adjusted from 14 to 22 Volts and making the booster applicable to all gauges.

Requires an external power supply from 14 to 24 volts DC for optimal performance or 12 to 16 Volts AC may be used but not recomended.

Provides NMRA standardized CDE connectors to connect the booster with your other manufactures central stations. The booster can be utilized with any available central station. Feedback via CDE connectors is already integrated.

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