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Massoth 8150001 eMOTION XLS DECODERS

MTS/DCC engine decoders for digital control of trains

eMOTION XLS Sound, Motor(s) and Lights Decoder



Breaking with a special polarized DC-Voltage

These 4 operation sound types can be adjusted seperately

  • Initial start sequencesPowerful 3 Amp HiFi Sound Decoder with up to 6 sound channels and 13 function outputs. Usable for locomotives with up to two motors.
  • Standing sound sequences
  • Shut down sequences
  • Operation sound sequences


The new eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder is the up and coming standard of the exquisite garden model railroad sound decoders. The XLS features a powerful output stage for up to two motors (3 AMPS) as well as 1 AMP for sound, light, and other functions.
Additionally, 11 function outputs including 3 light outputs and 4 contact inputs are available which makes this unit exceptionally feasible.
The integrated sound power amplifier with 6 independent sound channels sets the standard in today's locomotive sound simulations. The audio power amplifier delivers 1 watt (sinus) at 8 ohms impedance. The eMOTION XLS Sound Decoder delivers optimum characteristics for analog and digital operation.

Optimized Analog- and Digital operation guaranteed
The XLS works in analog mode starting at the lowest voltage possible. The settings and functions of the decoder may be set with the DiMAX PC Module and may be used in analog mode. Thus sounds may be triggered in analog mode via reed contacts.

The eMOTION XLS is compatible to NMRA/DCC and works with all generations of the LGB MTS systems. State of the art DATAFLASH technology and the latest programming procedures enable the reloading of sounds and software directly via the track.

ORIGINAL SOUND in digital quality

The XLS is delivered with a HiFi loudspeaker (57 mm) with a metal cap and an interface cable for LGB and Aristocraft DCC. The unit may be installed wire by wire as well. Mounting material is provided.

Technical Data Drive Decoder:
- NMRA/DCC compatible
- LGB© MTS I, II, and III compatible
- best driving characteristics with analog op. (selectable)
- 14, 28, and 128 Speed Steps
- 256 internal speed steps
- 10239 Locomotive Addresses
- Automatic Detection of operating mode and speed steps setting
- 3.0 Amps max. continuous output (drive stage)
- 4.0 Amps max. maximum total output (incl. functions)
- Adjustable Motor frequency
- Load Control in digital and analog
- Switching Speed (programmable)
- Adjustable Motor driving curve

Technical Data Sound Amplifier:
- 6 independent sound channels
- High end amplifier stage with 1 Watt output (sinus)
- Loudspeaker connection with 8 Ohms impedance
- Sound Storage Capacity up to 150 sec.

Technical Data Function Outputs:
- 3 Light outputs (front, rear, internal 0.3 Amps each)
- 6 Function outputs (0.6 Amps each)
- Programmable Special Functions
- Suitable for Power Buffer connection
- 1 Amp max output of all function outputs
- Intelligent function mapping up to F16
- Parallel and serial data processing (LGB© MTS Pulse Chain Control)
  and automatic detection (serial data processing disengageable)

Size in Millimeters: 60 x 32 x 18 mm

Price: $292.96 NEW - choose from sounds below

Price includes speaker, wiring, installation hardware, speaker and pre-recorded digital sounds for each specific Loco

Click on the speakers below to hear the sounds of each type and click on any underlined loco name to see a photo of each type of locomotive.

Item No. Delivery status MP3-DEMO
Steam locos
8210019 e1 US Steam loco 2-6-0 Mogul w
8210025 d9 US Steam loco Forney/Columbus v
8210026 d8 HF 110 Rail tender loco Frank-S u
8210027 d7 G 3/4 RhB Heidi t
8210071 d6 Model range U s
8210074 d5 1C 99-5633 Spreewald s
8210080 d4 1C1 99-6001 HSB r
8210081 d3 1E1 99-222 HSB q
8210084 d2 BB Saxonian IV/K p
8210085 d1 DR-Mallet C'C  o
8210100 c9 Small steam loco narrow gauge (e.g. Stainz) n
8210110 c8 HSB 99 5901 Mallett
8210200 c7 G 4/5 RhB Steam Loco m
8210500 c6 BR 01 / 03 / 012  l
8210510 c5 BR 80
8210800 c4 Rügen D-coupler k
Diesel locos
8220051 c3 V51 / V52 Diesel loco j
8220055 c2 US Diesel loco ALCO DL535E i
8220057 c1 US Diesel loco F7A/B h
8220066 b9 VT133 Anteater / Railbus g
8220090 b8 Köf Switching Diesel f
8220091 b7 Light railway Diesel Loco
8220096 b6 ÖBB Diesel loco 2095 e
8220500 b5 BoBo Universal Big Diesel (V200) d
8220510 b4 BR 218 DB Diesel loco V160 c
8220520 b3 Railbus VT98 b
Electric locos
8230031 b2 DB BR 101
8230035 b1 Streetcar (historical standard Darmstadt)  a
8230039 a9 RhB Railcar 9
8230040 a8 Ge 6/6 I RhB (crocodile) 8
8230042 a7 Ge 4/4 III RhB (incl. 100 Year Albula jubilee sound) 7
8230043 a6 Ge 4/4 II RhB 6
8230045 a5 Ge 2/4 RhB 5
8230200 a4 Ge 6/6 II RhB 4
8230210 a3 Ge 4/4 I RhB 3
8230510 a2 BR 182 Taurus 2
8230520 a1 Inter City Express (ICE III) 1

For indoor or outdoor use.

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